The Fletcher Foundation | Charity Ferndown

Our Mission

To raise awareness, help and support those around us with Prostate or Breast Cancer, and the loving families that have supported loved ones during their difficult time.


Prostate and Breast Cancer

The Breast Screening unit (DBSU) is run by Poole Hospital and is responsible for providing a high quality Mammographic service for the woman of Dorset.

It is responsible for screening approximately 40,000 woman in South Dorset as part of the National Health Service Breast Screening Program. The (DBSU) require many thousands of pounds for the maintenance of this machine and other services and this is where the Fletcher Foundation comes in to support the short fall of money that the Breast Department desire.

The Radiotherapy department in Poole Hospital consists of a cause of high energy radiation given very accurately to a defined treatment site, in order to eradicate any cancer cells in that area.

The highest proportion of referrals is for Prostate and Breast Cancer.

The equipment needed for radiotherapy is very expensive and this is where the Fletcher Foundation again comes in to help with the costs of running these expensive machines and added on equipment for example the ProSTEP.

ProSTEP Lower Limb Immobilisation System

The ProSTEP is designed to improve accuracy when positioning the hip region and the lower extremities. The system combines the advantages and the functionality of the FeetSTEP and the KneeSTEP cushions, both of which are available as standalone devices. If you use both cushions together with the ProSTEP baseplate the performance is enhanced, especially when treating in the pelvic area.

Individual Components ProSTEP knee and foot components can be purchased individually to use as standalone immobilisation devices. They index to any couch top with a two pin locating bar.

The ProSTEP includes an adjustable sliding holder for the FeetSTEP which allows 17 different longitudinal (1.5cm increments) and 10 different indexed angular adjustment positions (5° increments). The KneeSTEP is fitted at the lower end of the baseplate, and can be used with the elevation block for additional height if required. The device can be attached to any couch top using a two pin indexing bar.