Cheque Presentation at Poole Hospital

  • 9th October 2018

The Trustees and patron of The Fletcher Foundation had the pleasure of meeting with Stella Campbell from the Lady Bird unit (Breast Screening department) and Karen Brew from The Radiotherapy department. From The generosity of our supporters we were able to present to both The Breast Screening unit and Radiotherapy department of Prostate Cancer Screening a cheque of £5,000 for each department. For the Breast Screening unit this will go towards much needed machinery called The Lateral arm, which can give a more in depth and accurate diagnosis which in return offers a faster diagnosis minimising stress for the patient.

For the Radiotherapy unit our donation will help towards their Brachytherapy treatment wish list od much needed research, education and software upgrade. Brachytherapy offers both a low dose rate and high dose rate in treating Prostate cancer which works with seeds being inserted into the patient that then continue to work for approximately 60 days, in this time the majority of the treatment is given. From a trans – rectal ultrasound a 3D image is created to allocate the vital organs and the location for treatment, which is constantly being adapted so the patient gets optimum treatment.